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The Marshfield Center for Textile Research is the natural offspring of the Marshfield School of Weaving, Eaton Hill Textile Works and the Marshfield School of Weaving Study Collection.  Between these three entities it was the obvious next step to create a space and opportunity for fellow textile history enthusiasts to come together,  share knowledge, experiment  and make use of the vast collection of historic artifacts that are now housed between the two properties.  We welcome all those who wish to unlock some of the mysteries of this incredible part of our cultural past or just to appreciate the beauty of handmade fabrics and tools.

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*Due to the Covid - 19 Pandemic all of our events will be cancelled until further notice.*

JUNE 13 & 14, 2020

Spinning Wheel Symposium
hosted by the Spinning Wheel Slueth & Marshfield School of Weaving Study Collection

JULY 31 - AUGUST 1, 2020

2020 Textile History Forum

Hyde Hall, Springfield   VT 

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