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Shown below are some of the research projects in the beginning stages of development at MCTR and students are welcome to contact us about finding grant opportunities to assist with these projects or those of their own.


   (Click on the photos below for more info on the project.)


18th & 19th c. Historic Cane Reeds

Sandra Rux, of York, Maine, has been working on a fascinating research project involving the study of cane reeds from the 18th & 19th c. We received over 100 reeds from the ATHM collection and Eaton Hill Textiles has equally that many in their collection.  Sandra has begun to catalog them into a data base and she is also trying to unlock some of the mysteries in these forgotten weaving tools - the numbering systems, reed makers, etc.  

Historic Techniques for Fulling Flannel

Eliza West, a masters fellow at Winterthur Museum is currently researching the fulling mills of 19th c. America.  She is going to be experimenting with different fulling techniques to establish the rate of shrinkage that would have been standard for flannel cloth of that period.  Justin Squizzero of The Burroughs Garrett will be weaving the reproduction flannel and Kate Smith of Eaton Hill Textile Works will be consulting and helping with the finishing.


There is now a 400 hook Grosse Jacquard head - on loan from Rabbit Goody - installed on the upper floor of the MSW weaving loft.  The harness is now being constructed and re-threaded in the comber board to get ready to weave an 18th c. pattern for linen and worsted wool damask. 


While she was here on a two work study program, Mathilde Lind began the process of cataloging all of the equipment - large and small - that we received from the ATHM in 2016.  She has found an online date base system that will be available to the public so that all interested students and researchers will have access to the collection.


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